Merkusii Pine

Indonesian Merkusii Pine/Sumatran Pine (Pinus Merkusii) is very different with Rubberwood. It is also a plantation wood, but the replanting program for this specie is very rare as it also takes about 20 years for the Pine tree to grow up to the size suitable for sawmill or wood processing. Unlike Rubberwood which is planted for the latex production, this Merkusii Pine is planted only for the resin/natural pine tree oil production only, and usually in very small quantity. Geographically, Merkusii Pine can be found mainly on mountainous area. We have good source of Merkusii Pine as Medan is located amongst the biggest forests and mountain areas, which has many Pine plantations.


Merkusii Pine is a light – medium density wood and is very light colored. Its stability is very good and therefore can be used for many applications. Japan market especially, has many demands for this specie due to its color, density and stability for interior usage and decorative purposes.


Light weight, stability and light color makes Merkusii Pine a very good option as core materials for products such as engineering door and even high quality interior furniture.