The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

– Lao Tzu


  • PT. Budi Tamora Permai was established
  • Sawmill production only


  • Operate our first wood working factories with facilities such as on-site sawmills, pressure treatment, steam boiler, KD chambers
  • Produce only Rubberwood (Hevea Brasiliensis) KD sawn timbers


Started to produce Rubberwood furniture components to cater domestic market demand as well as export to Taiwan, Malaysia


  • Installed the very first Finger Joint Machine (Vertical FJ) from Germany
  • Other Machines for FJLB were also installed: moulder, rotary compressor, panel saw, and wide-belt sander
  • Started to produce its first ever Rubberwood Finger Joint Laminated Boards


  • Started to produce knock-down Rubberwood furniture such as dining set, bookshelf, futons, bunk beds and export to Malaysia and the United States
  • Second unit of Finger Joint Machine were installed due to huge demand from both domestic and export market


  • Installed its very first Japanese Horizontal Finger Joint Machine for Butt Joint (Finger on Side) production to export to Japan. Most products for Japan Market are Butt Joint
  • Started to produce local Merkusii Pine/Sumatran Pine (Pinus Merkusii) FJLB and export for Japan market


  • Concentrate on Pine FJLB production due to huge market demand from Japan
  • Extend its Pine production capacity by installing an automatic sawmill facilities specifically for Pine production: Moulder, Sander from Italy, building new computer-controlled KD to double its total production capacity and installed its second Japanese Horizontal Finger Joint Machine, make it 4 units in total


  • Improved its Rubberwood production capacity, efficiency and productivity through extension of Rubberwood sawmill production line
  • With the new extra capacity and the developing market, we started to export Rubberwood FJLB to United States and European countries such as: France, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands


  • Expanded its Rubberwood sawmill facilities, making it probably the biggest in Sawn Timber production amongst its competitors
  • Installed the third unit of vertical Finger Joint machine, making it 5 units in total to cope with developing Rubberwood FJLB demand in Japan and Europe


Continuous work in developing and promoting Rubberwood to the world has resulted in a great milestone in our history — being awarded the prestigious Primaniyarta Award under the Category for Superior Potential Exporter by The Ministry of Industry and Trade


  • Each developing market seizes opportunity to expand its Rubberwood products, to create new products and to promote Rubberwood’s unique features. For its expansion in the current business, we installed yet another unit of Finger Joint machine, making it 6 units in total.
  • Capacity has tripled since it started
  • Currently installing a complete UV line for growing demand for the coated products. In the near future, we will produce coated Rubberwood products such as staircase set, wood flooring.
  • We continue our work and effort in supporting the “Go Green” program and will use the waste of our production to produce Particle Board, which is still in progress at this stage.

Budi Tamora Permai

PT Budi Tamora Permai is a wood working manufacturing company specializes in Rubberwood (Hevea Brasiliensis) Finger Joint Laminated Board.


(62-61) 7945 888


Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 88
Tg. Morawa – 20362
North Sumatra, Indonesia